Joe's Coding Resolution for 2021

Joe's Coding Resolution for 2021

Hear ye, hear ye!

I, Joe Weaver, have made a (slightly late) New Year's Resolution to commit even more code to GitHub than I did in my best year (2018), which had over 900 commits in November and December alone!

Since I find myself so foolishly confident, I'm going to add an extra 365 commits to the goal total, one for each day of the year, which means I'll need something close to 2,900 total commits in 2021 to break my record!

And since I'm also (foolishly) starting a whole five days late (See for yourself! No commits yet this year!), I shall have to make up for lost time and push myself to new heights to achieve this excellent goal!

Huzzah! Excelsior! (and other such words!)


-The Man, The Myth, The Legend (Joe Weaver)

P.S. For those wondering, the cool different GitHub grid is achieved with a browser extension called GitHub Isometric Contributions.

P.P.S. For those also wondering, I also have multiple other more traditional resolutions, but I won't be sharing those on the internet because I ain't no fool!